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Amri is a family owned small business in the heart of old town Key West, FL.

With our combined experience in both the spa and salon industry, as well as sustainable fashion, we set out on the mission to create an inclusive and sustainable spa and boutique destination in 2018.

We chose the name Amri because it is a name that means power, and we want to empower people and the planet through everything we do.

We do this by recycling 95% of our waste we create in our spa and salon (including even the hair from haircuts!), offsetting our carbon emissions, and doing research on all of the products we use in our services and sell in our boutique. The products we use and sell are not only made of natural ingredients, but are also made ethically and sustainably. 

Recycling hair foils

Hair foils get recycled instead of thrown away

PPE Recycling bin

Since March of 202, we have been able to recycle all PPE, including disposable masks and gloves

Recycling hair color

Excess hair color, lightener, and toner gets turned into clean energy instead of rinsed down the sink, risking ending up in our waterways

Beauty Industry Waste

Did you know the beauty industry sends 877 pounds of waste to the landfill every minute?

63,000 pounds of hair gets thrown away every day 

42,000 pounds of excess hair color, lightener, and toner gets thrown away every day. Excess hair color is often rinsed down the drain and can end up in our waterways, drinking water, and soil.

11,000 pounds of used metals, including hair foils, gets thrown away every day in North America - that's over half the weight of a commercial airplane!

We knew when we set out to create our sustainable spa in 2018 that we had to combat these scary statistics - luckily we found Green Circle Salons, a Certified B Corp, who we are able to recycle most of our waste through! The only thing we can not recycle is the food waste from our lunch breaks.


The papers, metals, and plastics get turned into new papers, metals, and plastics. The excess hair color gets turned into clean energy. And the hair from our hair cuts gets turned into bedding from wildlife that gets displaced due to natural disasters and natural hair booms to soak up oil spills in the ocean and our waterways. Hair booms are an excellent natural alternative to synthetic plastic booms since hair naturally absorbs oil!

owner of Eminence Organics

A small area of Eminence Organic's biodynamic farm in Hungary - Eminence is the organic skincare company we sell and use for all of our facials

Groceries Apparel Factory

Groceries Apparel's factory in LA we were able to visit - Groceries is one of the main clothing companies we carry in our boutique


Family who owns Little Seed Farm

The family who owns Little Seed Farm - a completely solar powered goat farm in Tennessee where they handmade all of their self care items including soap & deodorant that we sell in our boutique

At Amri, we believe we can not truly be sustainable without also taking into consideration the effects on people, as well as the planet.

For this reason, we extensively research all of the products and brands we use in our spa, salon, and boutique for the following:

- what they are made of & the environmental impacts of those ingredients/materials

- how the ingredients/materials are sourced

- where they are made & how safe the working conditions are for the people making the products

- how their employees are treated and paid to ensure they are treated fairly beyond earning beyond a living wage

- how they are giving back to their local communities

Search and shop our favorite sustainable products in our online boutique HERE

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