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Covid-19 Protocol

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 Services   Currently Available 

  • Hair + Nail apts are available as of May 14th 2020

  • All massage, facial, and waxing services are available as of May 25th, 2020

  • Online shopping and curb side pick-up available here


  • We have been working diligently while we have been closed to assure a clean and sanitary space once we reopen

  • We will continue to deep clean according to the CDC guidelines every day before we open and after we close

  • We will provide a minimum of 15 minutes in between each guest service to ensure our team member have the proper amount of time to disinfect their station and tools in between guests

  • All team members have been trained in CDC cleaning guidelines and Barbicide certified

 Masks Required 

  • All team members have been supplied with several masks to ensure they have a clean mask to wear every day.

  • It is mandatory that every guest also wears a mask to enter the property.

Woman with wearing a mask
Sanitizing Products

 Social Distancing 

  • We have rearranged all seating to be a minimum of 6 feet apart but we ask that you also be cautious of where you’re standing

 Temperature Checks 

  • Every team member will have their temperature checked every morning, before they are permitted to enter the property

  • Our thermometers are all touchless, but nevertheless will be cleaned after each use.

  • Any team member with a temperature over 99 degrees will be sent home for the day

 Limited Guests 

  • We will not be taking walk ins at this time

  • Appointments can be made here or by calling us at (305)-292-4000

  • All appointments will be scheduled at least 15 minutes apart

  • We will limit the amount of guests allowed on property at a time.

  • We will keep our front door locked to ensure this. When you arrive, you may ring our doorbell (which will be sanitized after every use), call us, or it is likely our front desk associate will see you before you need to do either.

  • Please arrive on time, as our waiting areas will be closed. If you arrive early, please wait outside or in your car.

  • Please arrive alone, unless you are coming with someone who also has an appointment at the same time

 Limited Touching 

  • Another reason we are deciding to keep our front door locked, is so that our front desk can open the front door for you and escort you to your service area, so that you won’t have to touch any door handles.

  • We have removed all magazines and reading materials.

  • All team members will wear gloves, which they will throw away after each guest.

  • Our pin pad and checkout are will be touchless, and will also be disinfected after each guest

person putting on rubber gloves

 Our Covid-19 



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