& Sustainable Style

Relaxing Retreat

Amri is an ethical and sustainable full service day spa, salon, and boutique located in the heart of Key West, FL.

Amri your tropical destination if you are looking for a relaxing day or if you are looking for sustainable apparel and beauty products.

Our Philosophy

We aim to always put  people  and the  planet  above all else. We accomplish this by thinking of the people involved in every area of our  supply chain. From the people who make the products we sell, to our team members at our storefront in Key West, to  you,  our guest! Our main priority is making sure Amri is impacting all of these people's lives and the planet in a  positive  way. From making sure the factories our products are made in are up to code and the workers are getting a fair wage- to making sure the materials our products we sell and use in our

Day Spa + Salon are good for the planet and every living thing in it.

Our Mission




We are very inspired by the zero waste lifestyle at Amri. The zero waste lifestyle focuses on  reducing , reusing, and recycling waste to eliminate waste from one's life. This is something that is our ultimate long term goal as a company. To start off, we are making it our mission to focus on first reducing. Not only reducing  waste , but also  stress  and  negativity .

We want to first help you as a consumer reduce waste. The fashion industry is the most detrimental industry to our planet next to the oil industry. This is because a lot of clothing factories use toxic materials, waste water in their manufacturing, and do not follow fair trade laws. And on top of that, a lot of clothing is fast fashion and ends up in land fills. This is why we only partner with brands that have a very  transparent  supply chain and we can ensure your products are being  sustainably  and  ethically  made. Longer lasting, high quality clothing also leads to less clothing ending up in landfills.